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Issues and Representation
Connecting the issues listed in class to our elected officials. Dutch Fork HS, Irmo, SC

Rallying the Constituents
Before casting ballots, the 2nd candidate fires up the classroom

Running for Mayor
A senior at Overbrook gives his speech in the mock election

Launch with Cali Swag District
Rock the Vote launches a new high school civics program, Democracy Class, at Arleta High School in Los Angeles.
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What Educators and Students are Saying

"Thank you for the materials on Rock the Vote...the 29 students loved it...our students got a personal lesson on how voting affects them and their environment."

Mr. Davenport, teacher, Cochrane Middle School

"I invited our state legislator (a newly-elected 26-year-old) to talk to my English class and a social studies government class.  In addition, all (except those who had already registered to vote) students took voter registration forms to fill out, and about ten of them returned the forms, so we brought them to Town Hall.  It was a good experience for the kids (who had known the state rep previously as a sub at the high school!) "

~ Ms. Albis, English Teacher, East Haven HS

"I wanted to thank Democracy Class for all the great resources you sent me.  The students were engaged in the information, excited to register to vote, and committed to increasing the voter turnout in our country.  It was an excellent culminating activity to our voting unit in my Government/Civics course."

~ Katherine Kinsey, Government Teacher, Upland HS

"To see all those students care so much about the rights of 18 year olds to vote is truly an awesome, powerful and patriotic feeling. The support of Rock the Vote not only encourages students eligible to vote to take part in the process, but provides a way for younger students to begin their journey into our democracy."

~ Zack, LaBrae HS

"Rock the Vote provides students the opportunity to become engaged and committed to greater community service and civic participation."

~ Kelly, Dutch Fork High

"As an 18 year old I voted before and will now enter the polls with purpose. I can't wait for the next election."

~ Thomas, LaBrae HS

"Knowing that finally I will be able to have a say in my community means the most to me. I feel as if now, I can finally make that difference, no matter how small."

~ Ammaarah

"I have a great group of students. The encouragement of Secretary of State Jon Husted and support of Rock the Vote was well received by all of them. I left the business world to be an educator to encourage young people to become informed and active citizens. The opportunity to collaborate with quality leaders such as Secretary of State Husted and respected organizations like Rock the Vote greatly enhances the education of my students."

~ Terry Armstrong, Government Teacher, LaBrae HS

"I would love to see more politicians get involved with their young community to help get a better understanding at not just what they need them to do, but so we can live in a harmonious place where all of us, no matter the age, comprehend and appreciate each other."

~ Ashley

"I feel that today, I got a small glimpse but took a big step into the adult world. By registering to vote, I will now be required and expected to make a difference. People every day want things to be different, but are not active on election day. People want change but won't do anything. I think everyone needs to vote and by voting each and every election, change will happen for the better."

~ Willie, LaBrae HS

"This program helps to make the students understand that voting is essential to their future."

~ Barbara

"Democracy Day means a lot to me and definitely highlights the privilege it is to vote and to have my voice heard. It is amazing to be able to make a difference. The crowd of students that registered today is truly awe-inspiring. It was a privilege to stand on the stage today and register to vote..."

~ Glenn, LaBrae HS

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