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  • Democracy Class lesson plan
  • PowerPoint presentation supporting the lesson plan
  • The History of Voting Video
  • Democracy Class video transcript
  • National Voter Registration Form
  • Sample Ballot sheet for mock election
  • Rock the Vote membership sign-up sheet
  • Five Golden Rules for Registering to Vote
  • Democracy Class Educator Evaluation Form
  • Tips for Preparing for Democracy Day

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If you are looking for extended lesson plans and curriculum around engaging service learning civics education, please check out the following resources from our partners:

  • Youth Leadership Institute's Democracy Corps: http://www.youthleadership.net/

  • Mikva Challenge offers two Action Civics curricula built around a six step process for youth activism that asks students to examine their communities, identify issues of importance to them, conduct intensive primary research about these issues, analyze power, develop strategies, and take action to impact policy - while reflecting on the process throughout. To read more about, view sample lessons from, and/or order either curriculum, click here.
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